Today, my reflection is on VALUES  

Values are what make a people, a culture, a tribe, a nation.  People are differentiated by what they value. This is the story of America (land of the free) or even the different states in America.  This is the story of Singapore (discipline and order) and its development.  This is the story of Germany and its reputation for efficiency.  This is the story of Apple and its focus on innovation, simplicity, and user-centered design. 

Our value is the sum of our values.

Joe D. Batten, Business Thought Leader

As a continent, as a people, what do we value? Forget about religion; let’s focus on VALUES.  If you have a progressive value system, you will have a progressive society.  VALUES are what make you stand out.  We all have skills, but what differentiates you are your VALUES.  Economists often use indicators such as GDP, Life Expectancy, Income per capita and other metrics to assess the level of development of a nation.  These are all valid metrics, but they are output metrics.  VALUES are the key input that shape and compel the actions required to drive the output metrics we measure.

What VALUES are you defining to shape your life’s outcomes? Your family’s outcomes? Your business? What VALUES should we define to shape the new Nigeria?

I would love to hear your reflections.

Meanwhile, as we celebrate Valentine’s today, one of the UNLEASH values comes to mind – compassion. May we commit to embedding true love in all we do and not just in the gifts and cards we buy on Valentine’s day.

Yours in possibilities, 



  1. One of the values we should use to shape Nigeria,is integrity.
    Integrity is what will help fight corruption,as it is one of our problems in the country.

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