It was a refreshing reminder and summary of what should be done for positive change to be seen. I must say that I loved that it had God's principles written all over it. I am glad I read it,it is positive push in the process of unleashing myself. Thank you Madam Topsy for the gift of your mind and experience.

Unleash is a practical life guide application, beginning from where you are to where you intend to be, using every resource at your disposal, not giving excuses, been responsible and taking actions, learning what it takes for the next level and ‘intentionally’ engaging the actual process to accomplish required results.

Unleash is a very practical and instructive book! I had so many ‘aha’, sobering and inspiring moments going through the pages of this book. I can confidently say it was 100% worth my time and money. Thank you T.K.O for pouring your heart out with each word, sharing practical wisdom and letting me know that I am neither too young, not too old to unleash!

This book is a true gem. Unleash is undoubtedly one of the most impactful books I've ever read. Each chapter felt like a personal mentorship session with TKO, guiding me. I loved the practical applications for each dimension. Thank you, TKO, for the insights and actionable strategies you've shared in Unleash.

I loved reading the book as it reminded me and motivated me to do the things I value. Thank you TKO for opening up your life and secrets to us. “ The proof of desire is pursuit.” I’ve made up my mind to work harder and plan ahead in life