Are you ready to unleash yourself and seize an uncommon opportunity to lead change in Africa?

The UNLEASH Leaders Program is your gateway to a community of young leaders who are committed to equip themselves with the skills and values to drive societal reform and systemic change. Through this program, we provide a platform for young Africans to hone their leadership skills, embed progressive values, impact their communities, and create a brighter future using the 12 Unleash dimensions.


Overview of the Program

1. Apply

Fill out application form and go through selection process.


Onboarded as an Envoy and undergo one month “Leaders of today” virtual training program on UNLEASH Principles, Leadership and innovation skills. Receive input and guidance from TKO and other UNLEASH mentors to develop your ‘’change agenda” and workplan.


Drive execution of your ‘change agenda’, leveraging the UNLEASH transformation handbook. Execute flagship UNLEASH initiative, along with on-going weekly/monthly activities. Participate in monthly review sessions and provide regular updates/reports on UNLEASH activities in your community.


Submit end of program report in line with provided template. Receive certificate of successful completion and be enrolled in Ambassador network.


Life membership of UNLEASH Ambassador community and associated benefits.

Benefits of the Program


Access to proprietary training/capacity development program, combining unique components of values, technical skills and communication skills.


Referrals for relevant local and international opportunities leveraging TKO’s personal and professional network.


Publicity of your work through UNLEASH/TKO platforms and events.

Execution Experience

Professional end-to-end project management experience.

How to Apply

Fill the online Form

Complete our online application form, detailing your background and leadership experience.

Get an online invitation

If your application meets our criteria, we’ll invite you for an online interview to get to know you better.

Start your Journey

If selected, you’ll become an official UNLEASH Envoy, trained and equipped with resources, guidance, and a platform to make a significant difference.


The UNLEASH Leaders program is a platform that equips young leaders with values-based leadership skills, resources, and a clear framework for driving positive change in their communities. Envoys join a network of like-minded individuals over a 9 month period, where they receive support from TKO and other UNLEASH mentors to drive change initiatives in their sphere of influence.

Our focus is on equipping young leaders to take responsibility and create change in their communities.  While we don’t have a strict age limit, our envoys are typically between 18 and 25 years old.

UNLEASH Envoys are expected to lead and participate in community projects, promote UNLEASH principles, and help mentor other young leaders.

The UNLEASH program is a 9 month program. Successful candidates join as Envoys and graduate as Ambassadors, joining a lifelong community where they give and receive support to help their peers and other young leaders achieve their goals.

Prior leadership experience is a plus, but not mandatory.  We’re looking for individuals with a passion for making a difference and a track-record for doing so, in any domain.  We are particularly excited by young people with a problem solving orientation and an ownership mindset, with a willingness to step-up and take responsibility.

The UNLEASH program is primarily virtual, with some in-person interaction during the course of the program.  The virtual nature gives young leaders anywhere in the world the opportunity to participate.

UNLEASH is what you make out of it.  There are no strict time requirements, but every Envoy is expected to successfully  complete a flagship ”UNLEASH” initiative during the course of the program, as well as keep up with weekly and monthly activities.

UNLEASH Envoys will be a diverse group of people, with different experiences, but like-minded in their passion and commitment to doing the work to drive positive change.   The typical envoy will be between the ages of 18 to 25, have read UNLEASH, and is willing to embed and practice the 12 dimensions in their daily life. Some things we will look for in the application include:

  • Ability to mobilize people towards a set objective 
  • Creativity of ideas around how to drive UNLEASH values  in your community
  • Clarity on motivation for being an UNLEASH ambassador
  • Track-record of being proactive and demonstrating an ownership mindset. 

No! UNLEASH Leaders is open to young leaders, located anywhere in the world, with a passion for Africa’s development. However, do note that only 12 leaders will be selected in this inaugural cohort.

Application is open till December 31st, 2023. Envoys will be announced by 31st January 2024 and program starts in February.

If you have further questions or would like to collaborate with us for the program, reach out: [email protected]